The advantages of New Source Technology lamps:

  • Fast Response Capability
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Optimized Designs
  • Consistently High Quality
  • Competitively Priced
  • Best Price - Performance Value

As the optical pump source for lamp pumped solid-state or dye lasers or other lamp based systems, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) demand maximum output and consistency of performance without sacrificing lamp life and durability. New Source Technology lamps are designed and manufactured to exacting requirements, providing customers a product solution they can rely upon in their system at a cost advantage that enables them to be competitive. Because a lamp is unique to each system application, optical engineers rely on New Source Technology's twenty plus years of collective experience in the design and manufacturing of flashlamps and arc lamps. The two main categories of linear lamps are flashlamps for pulsed pumping and krypton arc lamps for continuous pumping. Both offer high brightness, high power capability, long operating life, and low cost per hour of operation.

New Source Technology lamps are utilized globally in a wide variety of industrial, medical, and scientific applications. To understand your specific lamp needs, feel free to contact us to discuss your application requirements or complete a downloaded inquiry sheet and send it to us.

Flashlamps are operated in sinusoidal or square-pulsed mode and discharge high current pulses (hundreds of amps) ranging in duration from hundreds of microseconds to tens of milliseconds and at repetition rates of less than one hertz to several hundred hertz. They are filled with either Krypton gas, Xenon, or a combination of the two. Krypton tends to be more efficient at lower current densities and Xenon tends to be more efficient at higher current densities. Although fill pressures typically range from a few hundred to fifteen hundred torr, they are typically sub-atmospheric to prevent non-passive failures during high power operation.

For more details, feel free to contact us or complete a downloaded Flashlamp Work Sheet and send it to us.


CW ARC Lamps
Krypton arc lamps are typically operated in a continuous wave (CW) mode and discharge a constant current in the 10-50 Amp range between 100-250 Volts. The continuous light radiated induces constant gain in the Nd:YAG rod, generating a continuous laser beam. Krypton gas is almost always selected for CW applications because it has the advantage of specific line radiation which better matches the absorption peaks of Nd:YAG at the relatively low current densities employed in these lamp types. Unlike the flashlamp products, arc lamps are filled to relatively high pressures (5-10 atmospheres) to increase the conversion of electrical energy to radiant output. As a result, the system designer is often challenged to deliver the necessarily high breakdown voltages that are needed to ionize the gas. In addition to the constant current mode of operation, krypton arc lamps may also be operated in a quasi-continuous mode whereby the current is sinusoidal in nature and a modulated continuous mode whereby the current is switched back and forth between a relatively low and high current.

For more details, feel free to contact us or complete a downloaded Arc Lamp Work Sheet and send it to us.




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